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Weather Directive for Gloucester South Raiders Football Club

As weather patterns are evolving and the occurrence of tornadic activity has increased in our
area, the safety of our players, coaches, and parents remains our top priority. To address these
changes, we have implemented the following procedures for handling tornado watches and
other weather-related concerns during football practices:

Club-Wide Cancellations
Decision Making: In the case of widespread weather concerns that impact Barry Hawley
Memorial Field, the board will take responsibility for making cancellation decisions. This
includes situations where practices need to be canceled across all teams.
Communication: The board will communicate club-wide cancellations to all relevant parties.
Clear and timely communication will ensure that everyone is informed about practice

Weather Initiatives
Coach's Authority:
Coaches have the authority to make decisions on practice continuation or
cancellation in response to thunderstorms/tornado watches while at the field. Their primary
concern is the safety of all individuals present, and they are the final authority.
Parental Awareness: In the event of likely bad weather conditions, parents are requested to
remain at the field during practice. This will allow them to be readily available to collect their
children if the practice needs to be canceled.
Thunderstorms/Tornadic Activity: Football practice runs rain or shine. If lightning or a tornado-
producing storm is detected in the vicinity, coaches will promptly cancel the practice.
Monitoring: Tornado watches will be closely monitored by both the board and the coaches. We
understand that weather conditions can shift rapidly, so we will stay vigilant in keeping track of
tornado watch notifications.
Practice Continuation: While practice will not be immediately canceled if a tornado watch is
issued, we emphasize the importance of safety and continuous monitoring of the situation.

Weather Directive for Gloucester South Raiders Football Club

Return to Field: Following any lightning activity, a mandatory 30-minute waiting period will be
observed before anyone returns to the field. This waiting period is a precautionary measure to
ensure everyone's safety.

Air Quality Concerns
Cancellation Criteria: If the air quality index (AQI) reaches a level of 8 or higher, practices will
be canceled. We prioritize the well-being of our participants and understand the potential
health risks associated with poor air quality.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these guidelines. Our
primary goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all members of the Gloucester
South Raiders Football Club. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to
reach out to the board or the coaching staff.

Thank you for your commitment to the safety and success of our club.
The Raiders Board