2023 Tackle Season

Registration for 2023 is CLOSED

Tackle Football Age Groups and Fees


8-9 (born 2014-2015)




10-11 (born 2012-2013)




12-13 (born 2010-2011)




14-15 (born 2008-2009)



Please check here to check the club territory: NCAFA Territory Map

  • To play for any of the tackle football teams within the NCAFA league, you must be a member of Football Ontario and Football Canada.  As part of the registration process in TeamLinkt, you will be charged the membership fees for the 2023 tackle football season.  Note that the fee is payable once each year and is separate from the fee and membership number you received if you registered for flag football.

Refund policy

  • Football Ontario fees, Football Canada fees and associated transaction fees are not collected by GS Raiders.  The GS Raiders cannot refund these fees under any circumstances.
  • If a player withdraws BEFORE the roster is finalized, the GS Raiders registration fees will be refunded, minus the $50 administrative fee.
  • If a player is released BEFORE the rosters are finalized, the GS Raiders will issue full refunds of the Raiders registration fees including the $50 administrative fee.
  • No refunds wil be issued after the rosters are finalized.
  • To request a refund please send an email to:  registrar@gsraidersfootball.ca